I need this game! (Faxanadu remake)


Gamemusicfreak: My Mega Man X contest entry failed! I just bought a digital copy of the issue to check the results. Here's what the winner looks like: click I didn't even place. :( Aug 20, 2014 0:58:03 GMT -5 *
Unsavory: Thank you very much! :) That means a lot, GMF. Aug 20, 2014 8:37:41 GMT -5
Unsavory: Also, bum deal. You did a great job! Aug 20, 2014 8:38:19 GMT -5
Gamemusicfreak: Thanks! Time to learn digital painting I guess. Last year's winner was also done in a digital painting style. Still gonna try the Freedom Planet contest. Aug 20, 2014 9:31:54 GMT -5
MP83: Awww, sucks that you didn't even place. :( I loved your work. The winner looks really good too, but I find the characters in yours more official-like. Aug 20, 2014 12:03:14 GMT -5
Yakra: Aw~! That's super sad to hear! I really loved your piece Gamemusicfreak! Aug 20, 2014 13:00:01 GMT -5
Yakra: Also~ between your thread, and Unsavory's re-pointing it out, you all have also inspired me to take part in the Freedom Planet contest. X'D~ *takes part in a contest about a game one has nu clue about~!* Aug 20, 2014 13:01:54 GMT -5
Wyrdwad: Ooh, you should draw Milla! She's my favorite -- partially because in this world where everybody's all about cat-girls, we need more puppy-girls. ;) Aug 20, 2014 13:39:59 GMT -5
MP83: Yakra will be drawing a Freedom Planet artwork? This I want to see! :) Aug 20, 2014 16:12:28 GMT -5
MP83: In fact, I'd love to see GMF's drawing too! Aug 20, 2014 16:13:08 GMT -5
SkyeWelse: Sorry to here that you didn't place this time GMF, but you should still show the illustration to us. : ) Also, I can't wait to see your artwork for Freedom Planet Yakra! You should enter the contest too GMF. Aug 21, 2014 14:53:59 GMT -5
Gamemusicfreak: SkyeWelse did you want to see the winner, or my entry? The winner you can see here You can see my entry in the art topic. Aug 21, 2014 17:25:54 GMT -5
SkyeWelse: Winner shminner, I'd like for you to show us your entry. : ) I think I remember you showing it before, but I don't think you ever showed it publicaly did you? Aug 21, 2014 17:41:59 GMT -5 *
Gamemusicfreak: Hey, yeah, mine is in the art topic here, I ended up putting it on deviantart as well. As it turns out, one person who put theirs on DA was a runner up in the contest! click Aug 21, 2014 20:17:25 GMT -5
Gamemusicfreak: My entry on DA Also thanks everyone for the kind words about my entry! You all are the best! Aug 21, 2014 20:20:14 GMT -5
Gamemusicfreak: Heh, strange, I got my digital copy of Mega Man #40 from the Barnes & Noble Nook store, but it seems no where else is selling it digitally yet? The Capcom blog says the issue wont be out until next wednesday! Comixology doesn't even have it yet! Aug 21, 2014 20:26:51 GMT -5
Gamemusicfreak: Ha! MM #40 is no longer showing up in searches at the nook store! Did I get lucky to get it early? Sorry for the shout spams everyone! Aug 21, 2014 20:36:26 GMT -5 *
Gamemusicfreak: Mega Man Dawn of X contest all winners now on the capcom blog: click Aug 29, 2014 22:34:57 GMT -5 *
Gamemusicfreak: My entry was not creative enough! Aug 29, 2014 22:39:19 GMT -5
MP83: I don't know about that, but I do find it kinda odd that they chose a kid's drawing as one of the runner ups. Aug 30, 2014 14:30:45 GMT -5